Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Types of Rugs, Defined

If you’ve been rug shopping, then we’re sure by now you’ve encountered three exotic-sounding names: Karastan, Oriental, and Persian rugs. You may even own one! However, if you don’t know the difference between a Karastan and an Oriental rug or you don’t know what to look for in an authentic Persian rug, you’re not alone. Although these time-tested aesthetics have become so popular they are now synonymous with fine rugs, many people still do not know exactly what makes them unique. So read on for a brief definition of the process, history and culture behind three of our favorite styles.

Karastan Rugs

Renowned for being exquisite, Karastan rugs are sophisticated, power-loomed rugs that complement any home or business decor. Although Karastan rugs give the impression of being foreign-made works of art, they have actually been manufactured in America since 1928, when Marshall Field developed a loom that could create the detailed luxury of hand-woven rugs. The first rugs made were referred to as Mystery Rugs by the trade press, and they wowed the crowds at two world's fairs. Since then, Karastan rugs have become the highest quality machine-made rugs that exist today. Durable yet elegant, these beauties continue to wow the crowd decades later. If you own a Karastan rug and live in Augusta, stop by Augusta RugWorks for expert Karastan rug cleaning.

Oriental Rugs

As heavy textiles, Oriental rugs can be flat woven or pile woven using cotton, silk or wool. The rugs are hand-knotted, which involves putting rows of knots in various colors on a stretched warp and leaving weft threads between each row to create a pattern. Usually, asymmetrical and symmetrical knots are used, and the warp may be diagonal, double or simple. These gives Oriental rugs a unique, multi-faceted appearance that is rooted in tradition.

Oriental rugs come from the Rug Belt, which is an area that stretches from Morocco in North Africa and through the Middle East and Central Asia to North India. Some of the countries in the Rug Belt include the Caucasus, China, Iran and Pakistan. Since many of these countries are located in the Islamic world, oriental carpets are often called Islamic carpets.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are also heavy textiles, designed to last for years and years. Although Persian rugs are technically a type of Oriental rug, they are unique in their more elaborate and varied designs. Since the ancient Greeks first wrote about them, Persian rugs have been regarded as highly artistic and prestigious objects of value, and have served as a status symbol for centuries in the homes of travelers, art enthusiasts and tastemakers.

Regional centers and towns across Iran have traditionally woven Persian rugs that are distinguished by their use of colors, patterns, high-quality materials, and weaving techniques. Those made in villages and by various tribes in the country are characterized by their bright, elaborate colors, fine wool and traditional patterns. Some weavers in small villages use bolder and coarser designs to make some consider more authentic, traditional Persian rugs.

If you own one of these gorgeous rugs, you are very lucky indeed! Give it the treatment it deserves with professional cleaning - we do Oriental and Persian rugs too - plus restoration and repair from Augusta RugWorks.


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