Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Styles of Rugs for Five Different Rooms

Whether you’re moving into a new home, looking to redecorate, or simply adding some fresh style to an empty room, a great rug can make all the difference! However, with the many different styles of rugs, choosing and placing one takes thought and strategy. Here are few tips to help you select the best rug for each room.

Living Room – When selecting a rug for your living room, first decide whether you want the furniture to compliment the rug, or vice versa. Single or neutral colors are best for a room with an already vibrant color pallet, and if you want a patterned rug, it is best to choose your rug before making furniture or interior décor decisions. The rug should extend beyond the edges of your coffee table or centerpiece and reach to at least the first set of legs under the furniture. If you want to mix things up, rotate your rug at an angle.

Dining Room – A dining room is almost always set up symmetrically, so your rug should be the same shape as the dining table. Because this is where you and you guests are eating, try a smoother rug, such as flat-weave or low-pile. This will help when pushing and pulling out chairs and provide an easy surface for cleanup after a spill. And speaking of spills, stay away from white and light colored rugs.

Entry Way – An appropriate entry way rug depends on the shape of the entry way itself. If you have a rectangular entry way, a rectangle rug should lay centered a few inches away from the door. It should be the length of the doorway, if not a few inches shorter. If you want the rug to lay perpendicular to the door, the rug shouldn’t extend more than a foot on either side of the doorway and should remain a few inches away from any walls. Round entry ways require a round rug centered on the entry light fixture. With any case, however, keep furniture legs off the rug and beware of tripping hazards at the edges.

Office – A rug in any office should have both the desk and chair entirely on top to avoid tripping and catching. If you don’t do this, the edges of the rug can be caught while wheeling around in your chair, which can cause damage to the rug in the long term. Similar to the living room, pick a rug for your office based on what you choose to have as a focal point.

Outdoor/Patio – A lovely outdoor style rug on your patio is a great way to extend your home into the backyard. An indoor outdoor rug may also be worth your investment, but make sure it is durable and can withstand tough weather. Think of this space as an additional living room as far as positioning is concerned, but feel free to try out loud patterns and vibrant colors. Your backyard and patio are for your enjoyment, so use your outside voice!


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